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Scandia Award Program Honors the Achievement

Posted by Jamie Whitbeck on

You’re the Girl with Blue Insulators

Cattle producers use fencing to keep animals both inside a specified area and outside a specified area. But what kind of fencing works best? More and more producers are finding that electric fencing offers many advantages over the standard barbed wire fencing from ease of installation to fewer maintenance costs, versatility and safety. The electric [...]

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5 Benefits of Electric Fencing Over Barbed Wire Fencing

Fencing keeps your livestock in and predators out. Choosing the right fencing option is absolutely critical. Don’t get caught off guard by fencing that doesn’t protect your assets. Check out these benefits of electric fencing, and let them help you make the right decision. Typically, an electric fence system consists of a charger mounted in a [...]

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4 Livestock Species and Their Electric Fence Needs

Your livestock is an investment of time, money, and resources. Don’t let your investment go to waste with faulty fencing. JAG Products, Inc. keeps your pastures running smoothly with innovative products that make establishing electric fencing for animals easier than ever. Depending on the livestock in your care, you want the the fencing type that’s going [...]

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How To Set Up an Electric Fence

Establishing a durable and reliable electric fence is your best choice for keeping livestock in and predators out. Proper installation is the key.We've rounded up some of our best blog posts to help you get started! Because electric fencing relies on completed circuits, your electric fence setup takes a lot of thought and consideration on the front [...]

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3 Steps for Installing Electric Fence Posts

Your choices in electric fence post installation will be largely based on what critter you’re trying to contain. You’ll also want to consider your budget, the wiring, the lay of the land, and how long you want the fence to last.1. Choosing your primary fence materialsEach type of material has different requirements for spacing. For [...]

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Tips for Installing a Ground Rod for Your Electric Fence

When working on ground rod installation for your electric fence setup, there are two major considerations that will determine the effectiveness:1. How conductive the soil isDry soil simply cannot conduct electricity in a way that is going to effectively run your fence. If you live in an area that is typically arid, you’re going to want [...]

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How to Install Your Electric Fence Charger

Your electric fence charger is the reason that electric fencing is effective. Keeping it in prime working order is the key to successful fence operation. Keep these points in mind:1. Keep The Charger ProtectedYou’ll want to keep it in area that is protected from the elements, such as a small shed or awning. The only exception to [...]

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Installing Electric Fence Wire

3 Steps for Installing Electric Fence WireThe type of electric fence wire that you choose is going to largely depend on what type of livestock you’re trying to contain. However, once you've selected your wire, the installation process is the same:Step 1: Mount The InsulatorsAssuming you’ve already installed your posts, you’ll start by mounting insulators. These keep [...]

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