5 Things To Consider For Electric Fence Gate Placement And Installation

The fence gates in your electric fence should be properly planned in advance. Avoid cutting wires and rearranging posts by sketching gates into your blueprint.

Electric fence gates are simple. Most of rules are set only by what you’re hoping to accomplish. Here are 3 general guidelines: 

1. Install Gates Near Corners, Not In A Straight Stretch Of Fence

An  electric fence gate doesn’t do much good if animals refuse to use it. An animal that is well-trained in what happens if they touch the fence will be very hesitant to approach the gate if there’s clearly fencing on either side. Corners break up the fence and make it less obvious that there’s hot wires near the opening.

2. Don’t Spend More Money Than You Have To On Fancy Gates

A sturdy metal gate on the perimeter of your fencing will suffice, but keep it simple if you have interior fences that split your pasture into smaller sections.

3. Keep The Electrical Current In Mind

If you want your fence to remain electrified while you’re using the gate, you’ll need to run an insulated wire underground. This allows the current to safely run from one side of the fence to the other, without interruption from the opening for the gate.


While there are many options for fence gate material, most people will want to keep things simple. Wire gates and drive-thru gates offer convenience and simplicity, but they still get the job done.

Wire Gate

Install gate anchors in between wires on the two nearest posts, run wire between these two anchor points, and slide on an insulated gate handle. A whole kit can be bought for less than $10 at your local hardware store. A word of warning, though. These kits are often made specifically for the type of wires and posts that you’re using. Read all details before making your purchase.

Drive-Thru Gate

These gates typically consist of two horizontal poles that swing inwards and outwards, depending on the direction that the pedestrian or vehicle is going. The standard insulation of the vehicle prevents shock, while insulated handles on the gate allow those on foot to simple push the gate open without the risk of injury.

When it comes right down to it, though, the product that your electric fence system needs is a great set of insulators that make set up and movement quick, simple, and easy. Our’s is the ONLY T-post extending insulator that can change direction, providing a 2 to 1 advantage over other insulators on the market, saving the consumer time and money. We offer you more flexibility, reliability, and dual purpose capabilities.

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