About Us

JAG Products fencing insulators are the result of the innovation of a Montana wrangler, Jim Gravelle, when he needed to adapt some insulators to fit misplaced T-posts for a new pasture as there was no product to meet his need currently on the market. Upon meeting Kelly Vaughan, he shared his idea and the duo set to work taking the idea to a full-fledged end product available to ranchers across the country. 

Kelly now owns JAG Products and continues over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing unique insulators still made in Monticellos, Minnesota. The company’s mission remains the same: to bring durable, reliable and innovative insulators to clients across the nation.  

As ranchers ourselves, we know that electric fencing is essential because we also use it – that’s why JAG Products were first tested on our own livestock ensuring they had what it took to withstand the demands of rangelands and pasture. We hope that our clients will find the same value in our insulators as we do!

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