Wood Post Electric Fence Insulators

Our wood post insulators come with non-corrosive wood screws. As with all our insulators, they’re designed for long-lasting strength, durability and versatility to fit your pasture.

Wood Post Insulator

Package of 25: $18.99

You Need Insulators Built to Withstand the Years

Every so often, you find yourself going through and replacing damaged insulators costing time and money. Some of the causes for this untimely damage is often the result of:

  • Insulators being manufactured cheaply overseas with poor quality control
  • Exposure to the elements leaves typical insulators weak, brittle and warped over time
  • You may need different insulator varieties to fit different post and wire styles 

Glow Wood Post Insulator

Package of 10: $19.89

Imagine Insulators as Rugged, Reliable and Durable as your Wood Fence

  • Our wood post insulators are compatible with any type of electric fence system and wire
  • Tested on our ranch, our insulators are rugged enough to withstand the elements for years to come without bending or twisting with UV-protection
  • Fully compatible for both round wood posts or plank boards
  • Choice of color including Ultra-Blue, Black and our exclusive GLOW

How to Use Our Fencing Insulators

1. Calculate Your Need

Use our fencing calculator to determine exactly the number of insulators you’ll need.

2. Place an Order

Order from our website and have the insulators sent directly to you.

3. Install Your Insulators

Follow the simple instructions to get your electric fence up and running fast.

Our Industry-Leading Wood Fence Insulators are Designed to Save you Time and Money

As ranchers, we know first hand how your dollar and time matters. That’s why for the past 20 years we’ve perfected our unique fencing solutions that are made with top quality and practicality. Simply install with the confidence they will last you for years to come and then get back to what matters most – your livestock and ranch!