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Specialty Farming

Across the nation there are well over 2 million farms. Some of those farms are for large production, and some are the smaller acreage farms serving the hobby farm, or organic farming industry.

But there is another group of specialty farms that provide a vital resource for animal health and wellbeing, food consumption, and/or breeding purposes.

  • Non-Profit Rescue Farms for livestock
  • Hunting and breeding preserves for Pheasants, Quail, Turkeys
  • Breeding and farm facilities for Buffalo, Bees, Elk
  • Exotic Animal Operations

Security uses for electric fencing are just as important for the Specialty Farms as they are for anyone else using electric fencing for livestock containment or preditor/nuisance control.

  • Specialty farm predator and/or containment protection for exotic animals and game farms.
  • Protection of natural ground water, lakes, rivers and streams by preventing livestock from entering the water.
  • Environmental protection of endangered or native grassland habitats especially in areas where "re-growth" is critical.

We have always had a problem with our insulators twisting and breaking. This one really works, and is stronger then the others that I have used. That is going to save me time and money in the long run. I really like the saving money part.

Craig W. - Minnesota