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Side Kick Program



Welcome to Side Kick!

The new service offering from JAG Products, Inc. Lending a hand in a variety of ways for you, you and your business.

Ready to meet your Side Kick?  Here's how.

Side Kick for Entrepreneurs

JAG Products is passionate about supporting other entrepreneurs who are ready to place their products on the open market, or already have market ready products, and are looking to branch out further.

We know what it's like to have a great idea, and the hard work putting all the pieces together for the right fit.  We know the emotional side of putting your heart and soul into starting your business.  We also know the peaks and valleys that comes along with finding the right place to launch with a trusted resource.

  • We look for entrepreneurs who share a passion for creativity.
  • We look for entrepreneurs who have demonstrated their ability with a market ready product. 
  • We look for entrepreneurs who have unique high quality products; complimentary to the markets we service.  

Side Kick for Businesses.

Contact JAG Products, Inc,. to learn how we can help your business succeed.

  • Manageable quantities to stock your fencing isles with the high qualities insulators for electric fencing.
  • How to utilize the Fence Calculator to make better buying decisions to help fencing customers.
  • Salesmanship training for instore and field based personnel to be at the top of their game.
  • Options to help you with costly overstock.
  • Optimization of inbound marketing and instore customer experience.


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