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Our Story


How did JAG start? What does JAG stand for? Those are the questions most often asked when we get the opportunity to meet customers face to face. And we love telling the story. We also hope that it inspires others to pursue their business goals, or new product development. You never know where it can lead until you try.

We have a deep appreciation for the demands placed on customers needing electric fencing because we need them too. From the valuable livestock, crops, water and native grassland protection, to organic farms, and specialty farms. Each one has unique and different needs. But we also know we have something to help.


JIM: Jim Gravelle, was working as a wrangler for a Montana Guest Ranch. One day while installing a new electric fence for the forty plus horses used at the ranch, Jim discovered that the T-posts were placed in the ground backwards. With a ¼ mile left to install there wasn’t time to dismantle the entire fence and start over. Because of that, Jim used his quick thinking and re-engineered an insulator to finish the job and get them through the ranch season. Because of that, the electric fence with the modified insulators was still up and working a year later. Jim felt if it could work at the ranch, it should work for anyone with T-posts placed backwards. Until finally, the process began to develop an insulator that could provide a multi-purpose function and the INVERSE™ insulator was born.

JAG is Jim Gravelle’s initials. We lost Jim back in 2003. He is missed every day. I chose to keep the name JAG Products because I was so proud of him, but to also honor his spirit, and ensure that unstoppable entreprenure vision remains.


KELLY: Hi! I’m Kelly Vaughan, Owner of JAG Products, Inc. The question I get asked, how did you get involved with insulators? My answer: "It all started with a Cattle Drive."

I met Jim back in May of 2000, when a group of friends and I headed out to Montana to stay at a Montana guest ranch to experience a week in the mountains riding horses, and a cattle drive. Yes, we were the “City Slickers”. LOL! But, it was on that fateful trip that I would meet Jim Gravelle, and the connection the two of us had was instant. Meeting Jim for the first time was like saying “Hello” to an old friend you haven’t seen in a while.

Over the course of the week at the ranch, we would talk about anything and everything. Including Jim’s insulator idea. At the time I was working full-time and going to college on the weekends, and as the vacation was coming to an end, I mentioned to Jim that I wasn’t looking forward to the research paper I needed to write once I got home. Jim said, "Well…I need research and marketing done for the insulator idea, and you need to write a paper. Let’s be partners and do this together. I won’t take no for an answer." That was it. That’s how it started.

Jim just approached life to the fullest, and it showed with his ability to connect with people. Jim’s passion for trying new things was unstoppable, and I loved that about him. And then…as fate should have it, I met another kindred spirit. Jamie.


JAMIE: Hi! My name is Jamie Whitbeck, Kelly’s side kick! Get it… "Everyone needs a Side Kick"!</>

When Kelly and I met in 2007, it was similar to her and Jim’s story. We hit it off immediately and have been the best of friends since. We share many of the same goals, hobbies, our love for the outdoors, family, and of course horses!

Not long after we met, Kelly introduced me to JAG Products, along with the stories about how it all began with her and Jim, and on a cattle drive of all things. Of course being a horse girl myself, I was all starry eyed and could not wait to try the products I had heard so much about! The design, the versatility and durability of the products is what I liked about them.

I realized you can’t beat the product or the story behind it because it’s real. So when Kelly asked me to be her new partner in JAG Products, I was honored and excited to accept. Thank you Kelly for taking me along on your dream adventure! I look forward to keeping the spirit of JAG alive for years to come!