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Livestock Management

Owning livestock is an investment of time, resources, and money. Like any investment you want to protect it and develop a plan for longevity. But with that investment comes a responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment. Electric fencing provides a psychological barrier when properly installed, and maintained. Proven to help improve the quality of managing livestock, protecting native grasslands, developing grazing cells for pasture health, and assisting with nuisance control.

Grazing Cells

Provides an added benefit to managed grazing cells including:
Continuous (1 pasture)
Rotational (2-7 pastures)
Intensive (8 or more pastures)

Shared fence lines for livestock, or for property boarder identification.

Why Use Grazing Cells?
Divide your pasture into grazing cells to allow for rotational grazing. After a cell has been grazed, move the animals to a fresh cell while the grazed cell rests and regrows.

Example 1
Example 2

The improved management afforded by rotational grazing can greatly increase forage productivity and pasture health.


Nuisance Control

Deer & Elk

If you have ever witnessed a herd of Elk running towards a fence, then you’ve seen that much raw power a single strand of wire that’s electrified isn’t much to stop them. Deer doesn’t travel in the large herds like Elk, but jumping over or crawling through fences, deer can do just as much damage.

Properly designed and maintained energized fences are effective at reducing deer and elk damage to crops, haystacks, alfalfa fields, and gardens. Energized fences are inexpensive to maintain and can last for many years. However, an energized fence is not a physical barrier against deer and elk entry. An energized fence acts as a psychological barrier which some animals will continually test for an entry location. It is important that an energized fence be properly installed, maintained, and powered at all times. It is also important for deer and elk to see the energized fence.  For best results, install and energize your fence prior to spring planting.


Bears cause most damage in spring after emerging from hibernation and again in early fall.  A highly visible and properly energized fence has been proven to effectively protect against bear damage.

Coyote,Wolf, and Raccoon

In most terrain a good five-foot fence with several strands of barbed wire, or high tensile wire has been known to be effective.  Another alternative is to incorporate an energized perimeter wire outside of existing fences.  Coyote, Wolf, and Raccoon will explore with their noses close to the ground, and will approach a fence at ground height.  Installing an energized perimeter wire eight inches above the ground, and another at the top of the fence has been known to protect livestock from most predators.

(For more information about nuisance control, contact your local Department of Natural Resources)


I liked the fact that I could install it myself. Normally I would have to wait for my husband to help me, but with the INVERSE Insulator I was able to fix the fence in no time. Other products are just too hard to use.

Barb W. - Minnesota