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Wood Post Extending Insulator

WOOD Post Insulator

WOOD Post extending insulator is designed to use with screws vs. nails for faster install and easier removal. Mounts to round wood posts or plank wood boards. Two inch wide base allows for a secure close contact fit.

Effective with high tensile wire, poly wire, poly rope, barbed wire, and ¼” – ½” poly tape. Reinforced body prevents bending and twisting. Proven durability to withstand the elements.

  • Curved design allows for wider surface mount on round wood posts for added strength, and flattens out for a tight close contact fit when mounting on plank wood boards
  • Comes with pre-packaged fifty 1-1/2” non-corrosive wood screws
  • Available in 3 inch or 6 inch lengths
  • Packaged 25 insulators per bag
  • Color choice of Ultra-Blue, Black, or GLOW


GLOW Insulator

Improves visibility at night for people and livestock. Absorbs light during the day to glow a soft neon green at night. . Withstands environmental elements. Manufactured with the same characteristics and functionality as the INVERSE™ Insulator for T-posts, or WOOD Post Insulator for Wood Posts.

  • Off White Color by day, Glows at night.
  • Can be intermixed with the INVERSE™ or WOOD Post Insulators.
  • Quickly check for down fence lines of pastures, paddocks, gardens, orchards, bee hives.
  • Sources of light activates the glow. Sun light, Flash lights, Head lights.
  • Enhance visibility for pastures that boarder driveways, roads, snowmobile, or ATV trails.
  • Marking property lines, or public/private access points for hunters and hikers.
  • Packaged 10 Insulators per for bag for T-post.
  • Packaged 10 Insulators per bag for Wood Post (includes 20 1-1/2” non-corrosive wood screws)