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T Post Insulators

INVERSE™ Insulator

Working both sides of the fence has never been easier with our US Patented INVERSE(tm) T-post Extending Insulator. The ONLY T-post extending insulator that can mount to the front or back of a standard size T-post. Does not require mechanical fasteners or zip ties. Incorrectly placed T-posts are no longer a problem. Also makes pasture rotation easy, and versatile with shared fence lines.

Effective with high tensile wire, poly wire, poly rope, barbed wire, and ¼” – ½” poly tape. Reinforced body prevents bending and twisting. Proven durability to withstand the elements.

  • T-post extending insulator that can mount to the front or back of a standard size T-post measuring 1-1/4” to 1-3/8”
  • Available in 3 inch or 6 inch lengths
  • Packaged 32 insulators per bag
  • Color Choice of Ultra-Blue, Black
  • USA Made


INVERSE(tm) Insulator - GLOW

Improves visibility at night for people and livestock. Absorbs light during the day to glow a soft neon green at night. Made with engineering grade premium plastic to withstand environmental elements. Manufactured with the same characteristics and functionality as the INVERSE™ Insulator for T-posts.

  • Off White Color by day, Glows at night.
  • Can be intermixed with the INVERSE™ or WOOD Post Insulators.
  • Quickly check for down fence lines of pastures, paddocks, gardens, orchards, bee hives.
  • Sources of light activates the glow. Sun light, Flash lights, Head lights.
  • Enhance visibility for pastures that boarder driveways, roads, snowmobile, or ATV trails.
  • Marking property lines, or public/private access points for hunters and hikers.
  • Packaged 10 Insulators per for bag.
  • Made in USA.