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Introducing Side Kick

For many of us who have livestock and use electric fencing, there comes a time when you only need a few insulators for repairs or to have on hand. But with the busy schedules we all have, its not easy running to the store, and then having to purchase more than you need.

Now you can have a fencing Side Kick to help you out by purchasing in smaller quantities, to fill in as needed. Plus, no retail packaging to recycle. Just insulators in a box, ordered in the quantities you need*, shipped right to your home. Easy and Simple! Best part of it, there is no "membership" to subscribe to, and shipping already included. Just order when you need to.  (*Minimum order quantity 6 insulators.)

Meet the TEAM!

I’m Kelly Vaughan, (the blonde in the picture), and the Owner of JAG Products. I’m thrilled to welcome Jamie Whitbeck to the team. Jamie and I have worked together on many projects, and she is a perfect fit for JAG, and she looks forward to working with our incredible customers. Jamie is a busy mom, hard working, and has a love for the outdoors and her horses. 

Why Blue?

I love this color for an insulator for many reasons. One, its not a color that is native to the environment so it really stands out. Two, Yes! Horses and Cattle can detect color. So why not have them see the fence as well. Third...Blue is the color of trust, and you can trust JAG Products to make a high quality insulator that can last. For more information on the Blue story, visit www.jagproductsinc.com

Fence Basics

If you own livestock, then you already know the time and investment you have in them. Electric fencing helps to keep livestock from getting out onto the road, or into another pasture. Ensuring your electric fence is working properly can save you from accidents and heartache should the unthinkable happen. Just the other day, I was driving through Iowa and there was 3 horses running frantically towards a busy road. One unfortunately had poly-tape still wrapped around its leg and trailing behind him was lots more. Myself and another person pulled over to help. Luckily I had two halters in the back of my car. We were able to catch two of the horses, and the third finally calmed down enough to where we could at least keep her next to the other two. Co-incidentally after the owner came by, I learned he hasn’t had his charger on. He assumed the horses don’t touch the fence. That is a mistake I hear a lot.

An electric fence is very easy to maintain, as long as it was set up correctly in the first place. 1. Fence for the livestock you are fencing for. 2. Ground Rods and an adequate Fence Charger should be used and functioning. 3. MOST IMPORTANT accessory is the insulator. Ensure you have a robust insulator that can withstand the elements. Like the Insulators from JAG Products, Inc.

For more info check out www.jagproductsinc.com , or find us on FACEBOOK email: kelly@jagproductsinc.com