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5 Things to Consider for Electric Fence Gate Placement and Installation

The fence gates in your electric fence should be properly planned in advance. Avoid cutting wires and rearranging posts by sketching gates into your blueprint. Electric fence gates are simple. Most of rules are set only by what you’re hoping to accomplish. Here are 3 general guidelines: 1. Install gates near corners, not in a straight stretch [...]

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PENNED IN - All about the BEES

Adding Apiary to the bucket list!By Jamie WhitbeckI've never owned a hive before, so I am a rookie bee keeper excited to be embarking on a fascinating journey.  I decided to get involved when I read about the dangerous decline of bees, and I felt a “calling” to learn more about it.  Over the past six months [...]

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PENNED IN A monthly blog brought to you by JAG Products, Inc. VOL. 1, ISSUE 1 04/03/2017 Top stories in this newsletter Introducing Side Kick For many of us who have livestock and use electric fencing, there comes a time when you only need a few insulators for repairs or to have on hand. But [...]

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Innovative Fence Insulators

JAG Products has developed fence insulators that might be the most unique and useful in the market. Made from prime grade high-density polyethylene with UV protection, the versatility, durability, and flexibility are what makes these insulators unique. GLOW INSULATORS The new glow-in-the-dark insulators have a glow additive so [...]

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