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About JAG Products, Inc.

JAG Products, Inc. is a small woman owned company. We are dedicated to continuing the legacy of JAG Products, Inc., a brand name you can trust and depend on.  Because we value your business, it is our mission to bring unique and durable products to our customers.  Our electric fence insulators are proudly made in Monticello, Minnesota.  Field tested on our own livestock first to ensure reliability and dependability before they are introduced to the market.

We have a deep appreciation for the demands placed on customers needing electric fencing because we need them too. From the valuable livestock, crops, water and native grassland protection, to organic farms, and specialty farms. Each one has unique and different needs. But we also know we have something to help.


Why Blue?


JAG insulators serve a specific purpose, and that includes our choice of colors.

The color of the insulators was just as important to us as the unique design. During our early years working to identify the right plastic for functionality. We also learned color played a role in longevity for durable plastics exposed to outdoor elements. The darker the color, the longer insulators can withstand heat, cold, rain, wind. Horses and cattle can detect color. So we wanted visibility not just for humans, but for the livestock as well.

We also spent a great deal of time with an extensive test market. Learning from the end-user what was important to them. Insulators that fade, become brittle, and not lasting a season surfaced as the top issues facing many users of electric fencing.

After testing different shades of colors, two colors kept out performing our field test for fading and durability. Ultra-Blue, and Black.

We chose blue for the same reasons as the black. They were both dark colors. Except there was also something special about blue. When you ask most people, “What is your favorite color?” The answer the majority of the time is “Blue”. The Ultra-Blue color is not native to the environment, so it stands out, and is easily seen.

JAG Products insulators. Weather durable, visible, and a color favorite.

The Glow Story


The GLOW Insulator - an example of how JAG Products, Inc. is not a “Me Too” company.

The GLOW Insulator came out of a situation that many livestock owners, bee keepers, farmers, orchard owners, exotic pet owners, game farms, and organic farms can relate to. When during the night horses and cattle somehow get out. Or, nuisance animals manage to find a way in. But it always seems to be at night or the very early hours before dawn when a fence line gets challenged.

It was a long road trip where this very scenario happened. There had been a storm, and a tree fell on the fence line in the back of the pasture that boarded heavy woods. While thinking about this situation, sitting on the seat beside me was a hard hat used in the mining industry. The hard hat was given to me as a gift, and in the absence of light, it glowed. Driving through the night to get home, thankful nobody was hurt, and my horses were ok. I was left pondering what damage the tree did to the fence. All of these thoughts going on inside my head while the hard hat continued to glow next to me, and suddenly the idea emerged. What if you could see insulators at night? And here we are. Another first from JAG Products. The GLOW insulator born from a need for a specific purpose.

Other Uses


For more than sixteen years, the insulators from JAG Products have been used in a variety of applications outside of normal fencing. Applications used by JAG customers who came up with their own use and shared their success stories with us. We are enthusiastic entrepreneurs ourselves, so we love the creativity that our customers have come up with.

Hunters Using the GLOW Insulator

  • Identify property lines when hunting private property.
  • Marking access trails
  • Deer stand locations.

Farmers Using the INVERSE™ Insulator

  • Protecting areas of natural ground water of lakes, streams, and rivers that can boarder a grazing area or pasture.
  • Preventative for rubbing on fence posts by using a 6 inch insulator on either side prevents reaching and rubbing.
  • Securing sensitive areas such as Septic Tanks that shouldn’t see heavy traffic from livestock or ATV’s.

General User Using the INVERSE™, WOOD Post, GLOW

  • Marking a long drive way with the GLOW to keep people from driving on the grass.
  • An application with concrete posts using the Wood Post Insulator to create an instant property line with braided rope.
  • Using the insulators to hang up outdoor light strings around the pool and patio area, or even during the winter for holding holiday light strings.
  • Instant round pen using the wood post insulator with non-electrified poly tape.
  • Holding the perimeter wire for Invisible fencing for dogs and goats.

It's about time that somebody made an insulator that can work on both sides of the T-post. Good job.

Ralph G. - British Columbia

Additional Testimonials

"When I saw the advertisement for the GLOW insulators on FACEBOOK, I had to try it because we operate a thoroughbred farm and there have been times when the horses have gotten spooked and charged the fence, hurting themselves pretty bad for not seeing it. The GLOW really glows. These insulators have saved us in more ways than one. Thank you."

Morgan W. - New York


"Thank you for taking the time to talk with me at the Murdochs store in Kalispell, MT. I own 1400 acres in Alberta where we raise cattle, and your insulators not only held up and did the job as they were designed for, but the GLOW insulators have helped us tremendously for the visibility. We will be changing all of our insulators to the JAG Insulators."

Richard K. - Alberta, BC, Canada


"I operate a vinyard in Oregon. My neighbor told me about your T-post insulators that mount on either side of a fence post. I purchased them from our local store, and have since purchased more. They are helping me to keep deer out of my vinyard. Last year my crop of grapes were completely destroyed because the insulators I was using were not holding up in the sun and became very brittle and crumbled within a few weeks. Because of that the electric fence was grounding out. Your insulators have really done the trick. Great idea!"

Wallace R. - Oregon


"Thank you for having Grazing Cell information on your website. With the rising cost of feed, we took the suggestions from your website and set up multiple grazing cells on our property. The INVERSE Insulator is fantastic. We could use one insulator to fence on both sides of the T-post. Very cost effective, and it helped us to save money on feed by developing better pastures for our horses. Thank you!"

Russel C. - Georgia


"I tried the JAG Products Wood Post insulators on Concrete Posts. We used concrete screws and applied them very easily to the posts. Worked great, and easy to install."

Dave S. - New Hampshire


"We purchased the INVERSE Insulator and put them on the fence when it was 0 degrees outside. Not one of the insulators broke. We are very happy. Thank you!"

Twyila F. - Nebraska